Timelabs Cloud Solution has put below extensive security measures in place to ensure the utmost safety and integrity of Customer data.


• Virtual Private Servers (VPS): Our servers are hosted in an isolated environment, providing an additional layer of security. This isolation ensures that your infrastructure remains separate from others, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or interference.


• Cloud Firewall: A firewall is a keystone of network security. It acts as a barrier between our trusted internal network and untrusted external networks. Through applied rule sets, it accurately manages incoming and outgoing traffic, offering protection against unauthorized access and potential malicious attacks. Rest assured, all our cloud servers are shielded by this formidable firewall.


• DDoS Protection on Server: Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks can disrupt online services by flooding them with traffic from various sources. Our platform is equipped with robust DDoS protection mechanisms that swiftly detect and mitigate these attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service availability.


• SSL Protection: SSL encryption establishes a secure and encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. This guarantees that data transmission remains confidential and integral. Your HRMS URLs are secured with SSL encryption, providing an added layer of security.


• Advanced Password Policy: At Timelabs, we enforce a strict password policy for Admin/HR and Employees. This policy sets the strict rules and requirements for password creation and maintenance. By doing so, we prevent weak passwords and make it significantly more challenging for unauthorized users to gain access.


• Backup: Regular automated backups of data are essential for disaster recovery and ensuring data availability in unforeseen circumstances, such as hardware failures, data corruption, or cyber-attacks. We take measures to store backups in both local and cloud storage. Additionally, we retain backups for the last three days.


These combined security measures serve as a robust framework to safeguard your sensitive information, maintain service availability, and shield against potential threats.