Question : How upload Bio-metric attendance row data in Timelabs?

Answer : To upload raw data in Timelabs we have to perform below activities one by one:

A) Format Pen drive with FAT32 file system.

B) Download Bio-metric data in Pen Drive

C) Upload raw data in Timelabs

Please see this article for Point A and B.

Upload raw data in Timelabs

Attendance log file is saved as attlog.dat in Pen drive. Now plug your Pen drive to a computer and change file extension from .dat to .txt.

Open attendance logs text file in an excel sheet and note down file header which we will require to map while importing log file into the software:

You need to correct below columns in attendance file:

a) Enroll number : This shows enroll number of your employees.

b) Date and Time : You need to correct Date and Time format here in this file. For all rows Date/Time format must be same i.e. dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm. 

c) Device ID : This should match with the Device number saved in the software. If you see different Device ID here in this file and Device saved in Timelabs has other device ID, your data won't be imported. You need to keep same device ID in Device ID column.

Once all these corrections are done, save your data in .txt format again and open Timelabs software, go to Device List:

On Device List page click on 'Read Data from USB text file' icon (as shown below):

This will open you a new pop-up. Here select your attendance text file, Put a check mark on 'First Line Read as Column Header' only if header is there in your text file.

Header are shown as below in txt file:

Now press Next button:

Here you need to map each Column as available in your attendance text file. Select date and time format according to your text file. Then click on Next button. It will show you attendance logs on the screen which are going to import in Timelabs. Now as a last step click on 'Read Data' button.

Once your data is uploaded, you will be see below confirmation message: