Timelabs works on windows platform with ASP.NET as front end that runs on IIS web server and uses Microsoft SQL Server as back end database. 


Software can be configured on both 32bit and 64bit window operating systems (almost each window OS). Below are the prerequisites details:


Pre-Requisites (Hardware)

  • Minimum 4 Core vCPU
  • SSD – Recommended 256 GB
  • RAM – Minimum 12 GB

Operating System

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 & higher recommended
  • Windows 10 – For On-premise license without ESS & Mobile app module.

Note: above Hardware requirements may vary customer to customer and totally depends on the modules and license activated or applicable for your organization. Please connect Timelabs Support for final system requirements. 


Software Pre-Requisites

  • MSSQL Server 2014 express & above – Database software
  • ASP .Net Framework 4.0
  • IIS Web Server
  • IIS Rewrite Module
  • Ajax Toolkit
  • Internet Browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge


Network requirements 

  • Fixed LAN IP on Server
  • LAN connection between bio-metric devices and server should be available.
  • The biometric devices outside local network must be able to communicate to central server over internet to push the data. 
  • SSL certificate with a valid Domain mapping (DNS name) if application is accessed over internet using web and mobile applications. SSL is required for security & data encryption over internet.
  • Allow exceptions (antivirus/firewall) for Background services to send notifications, emails, schedules task etc.
  • Network ports – up to 4 unique network ports required on network (firewall and Server) for data communication
    1. 1 Port for server and bio-metric devices communications
    2. 1 Port for website configuration
    3. Outbound SMTP port needs to be opened.
    4. SSL port (i.e. 443) to be allowed & pointed to server IP
    5. SMTP settings required (valid email account) for all system generated emails.
    6. Allow Mail client for sending out notification emails
    7. Remote Desktop required in case of troubleshooting any issue in HRMS. 
  • For license activation & synchronization, we would require full internet on server. Once license activated, internet can be blocked back on server.


Note: OS, Database or any other license required, have to be provided/procured by end customer and is not included with the license of Timelabs and Cynosure Technologies is not responsible for managing such third-party license.