Question : Bio-metric device showing offline in iClock Device Manager portal. How can we resolve this?

Answer : There could be many reasons for this issue. Please check below one by one:

1. Check network connectivity of your bio-metric device. If it is connected through LAN, it must be reachable to your local network. If it is connected through Wi-Fi, please check Wi-Fi is properly connected. 

2. If connectivity is proper, please check if your device is able to connect your Timelabs server. If your Timelabs server is hosted on cloud, your device must be able to connect server's public IP or public hostname i.e. using the local internet connection. 

3. If Internet connection is OK, please open Device menu and confirm Cloud Server settings are entered correctly in the biometric device. Server's details (IP/Hostname and port number) must be entered correctly in the device. You can refer this link to update cloud server settings.

4. Check iClock port number on your Cloud Server. The port specified for data connectivity must be opened on the server. You may need to check the same on your server firewall.