Sometimes due to some certain reasons we have to reprocess Employee's Timesheet data. They are:

1. Employee attendance data downloaded but not available in Timesheet even though correct TAM Connectivity available.

2. Logs showing in Timesheet but full day/ half day attendance is not showing as per the policy applicable.

3. Logs showing in Timesheet in an incorrect attendance logs order.

4. Reprocess Timesheet is suggested by Timelabs Support.

To proceed to reprocess Timesheet data, follow below:

Go to Tools Menu - Manage Timesheet.

Select the month for which you want to reprocess the Timesheet and click on "Search". Select the employee then. There are three options there:

1) Re-process: if you simply want to reprocess/sync the data, click on re-process button. No manual entries will get deleted.

2) Delete & Process Again - This will delete the attendance logs only and process the data again. No manual entries will get deleted.

3) Delete - This will delete all the attendance data including manual entries. 

Please take note that the aforementioned action will simply delete/reprocess the attendance logs. No OD, Tour, or Leaves will be deleted. However, if you want to delete the tour/OD also with the attendance logs, you can do so by choosing the below checkbox.