When bio-metric storage is full, a new punch can't be registered on that device. In that case user needs to clear all existing attendance logs from the device. Before proceeding to clear attendance logs from device, we recommend you to backup/download attendance logs in Pen drive first. You may refer this link to download device data.

To delete attendance data from device follow below steps:

  1. Press M/OK button to open Device Menu.
  2. Navigate to Data Mgmt -> Delete Data.
  3. Navigate to “Delete Attendance Data” using arrow keys. 
  4. Press OK to execute delete command. (Refer the snapshots below)

After selecting 'Delete Attendance Data', below two options appear on the screen:

Delete All attendance Data : If you want to delete all employee data select this and press OK.

Delete data by Date Range : If you want to delete specific date range's data only, select this. Specify date range when asked and press OK to delete.