Question : Bio-metric Device Date and Time changed automatically. How do we resolve this issue?

Answer : Bio-metric Device Date and Time only get changed when your device has a defective BIOS cell installed and when it gets disconnected from Server. To troubleshoot the issue check below:

a. Disconnect Biometric device from network and reboot the same.
b. Check if the time is correct or changed after reboot.
c. If date/time isn't changed, that mean your device has a correct BIOS cell installed.

d. If date/time is changed, you need to replace BIOS cell in the device.
e. Please buy BIOS cell from your local market and replace into the device. If you can't find BIOS cell in local market, you can connect Timelabs Support for the same.

Note : Device Adopter and Battery (BIOS Cell) are not covered under warranty.