For an on-premise customer license in Timelabs, License synchronization process is mandatory as it reflects updated license numbers and add-on modules accurately on the customer's server. Here's an overview of the process:

Step 1 : Locate the Timelabs Professional icon on the server's desktop. Double-click the icon to launch the Timelabs application.

Step 2 : Once the Timelabs application opens, select the "Desktop Engine" option. 

Step 3 : Enter SysUser credentials in the provided fields and hit Login.

Step 4 : After logging in, navigate to the "LICENSE" option within the application. This option should be available at left side menu.

Step 5 : In the "LICENSE" section, look for the option to "Sync License" as shown in the provided screenshot.

Step 6 : Click on the "Sync License" option to initiate the synchronization process. A confirmation screen or message should appear, indicating that your application license has been successfully synced.

After the license sync is complete, close all pop-up windows or dialog boxes of Timelabs.

Note : To Sync Timelabs License, it is mandatory to have full internet access on Server. Once license is sync process completes, user can block internet access on server.