Error: - HR user tries to mark a CompOff leave for an employee from Timesheet but employee's CompOff  is not visible.

Solution: Please verify below:

1. First make sure CompOff policy is allotted to employee from a valid WEF date. CompOff can be available only after it's allotment date (WEF date).

2. Go to Tools Menu - Manage Timesheet and reprocess Timesheet Data for the month of adjusting CompOff day. For Example, if you are adjusting 20th August of CompOff with 15th Sept leave, Timesheet needs to be reprocessed for August month. 

3. Check your CompOff policy and rules and verify if employee has worked as per the rules configured in his CompOff policy.

4. CompOff might be lapsed or availed already. You can verify the same from Timesheet Menu - Compensatory Off.