Question : How can we manually adjust or update employee's leave balance manually?

Answer : Employee Balance is updated automatically based on his leave requests, credit rules, carry forward and lapse rules etc. HR doesn't need to to anything here. But sometime when HR wants to credit more leave balance in employee's account, or wants to deduct some leaves from employee's leave balance, then they can use this option. 

To do the same, Go to the Leave Menu -> Manage Leave -> Leave Adjustment:

Here Select and Update Employee Leave Balance in 'Adjust Bal' column. For example: If need to increase required leave balance then just update 1,2,3 value and if need to deduct leave balance then negative leave balance Update -1, -2 -3.

At last click on 'Update Selected' button to reflect the balance as per requirement. 

Balance can also be updated in bulk with an excel sheet. Download the sheet from 'Export Excel' button and after updating the same upload it by clicking on 'Import Excel' button.