Question: How can a HR delete employees approved leave from the software?

Answer : HR can also delete an approved leave from employee's account. On deleting an approved leave will credit leave balance again in employee's account.

To delete a leave go to Leave Menu - Manage Leave.

Here all type of approved leave of an employee is listed. HR needs to filter employee records first. Once leave is listed, click on delete icon which will delete that records permanently. 

Please note:

1. Once Leave is deleted, it will be removed from Timesheet as well as from Approved leave list.

2. Balance will be credited back to employee's account after deleting a leave.

3. HR can delete the leave only when Timesheet is opened. For locked Timesheet, no data can be deleted.

4. All type of leave i.e. Paid Leave, CompOff Leave, Short Leave can be deleted from here.

5. Employee won't get any alert if his/her approved leave is deleted by HR.