Updating approver settings for a Job Requisition is quite simple. Follow below steps:

Log into RMS and on the left panel, click on Setup -> Configurations -> Manage Approver.

Upon clicking on "Manage Approver," it will show 'Approval Details' and 'Mail Alert Settings'. Click on the edit button to update the Approval Details and Mail alert settings as required.

After making necessary changes above, Save the settings. Description of each field of Job Requisition page is given below:

!! Approval Details !!

1. Approval Type:

• Anyone: Any selected approver can approve the job requisition.

• Level Wise: Approvers follow the hierarchy for approving the job requisition.

2. Approval Level: Drop-down provided to select the level of approvers. Up to 5 levels can be configured here.

3. Approver can edit details: Enabled or disabled based on whether the approver can edit details while providing approval.

4. Remarks: Any remarks can be added here.

!! Mail Alert Settings !!

1. Send mail to Approver on Submission: When new job requisition is created, an email notification is sent to approver based on this settings. User just needs to select an email template from the drop down.

2. Send Mail to Requester:
• On every status change: Mail is sent to the requester on every status change, including approval.
• On Final Approval: Mail is sent to requester only when the job requisition is finally approved.

3. Send Mail to User Job Creator: This mail is sent to the job creator for creating the job.