To create a Job Opening, user needs to create a Job Profile first. Please see this article to create a Job Profile.

Once Job Profile is created, click on the "Jobs" menu in RMS. 

Select the "Add New" button which will open below Job Opening form:

Select Job Profile from the list and fill up other details in the Job opening form.

Here are the detailed description of each field:

Job Profile: Select the appropriate job profile for the new job vacancy from the list. Job profiles are created under "Setup -> Job Settings -> Job Profiles."
Job Type: Choose the job type such as Permanent, Contract, etc.
Department: Select the department from the list (departments are created in the Attendance Module).
Minimum Qualification: Specify the minimum qualifications required for the job.
Experience Level: Enter the desired experience level (experience levels can be managed under "Setup -> Job Settings -> Experience Levels").
CTC: Enter the minimum and maximum CTC for the job position.
Job Code: This field is auto-generated; no need to enter anything.
Job Title: Provide a specific job title for the vacancy (e.g., Account Executive, HR Manager, etc.).
Job Description: Automatically populated based on the selected job profile. You can edit it here if needed.
Responsibilities: Automatically populated based on the selected job profile. Edit if necessary.
Requirements: Automatically populated based on the selected job profile. Edit if necessary.
Publish: Turn on to publish the job opening immediately. A published job is visible on the company website, ESS Dashboard, etc.
Publish Date: Set a future date here if you wish to publish the job later.

Skill Set & Location Section:
Technical Skills: Specify the technical skills required for the job.
Soft Skills: Specify any soft skills needed for the role.
Job Location: Select the job location from the dropdown menu and enter the number of vacancies for this job in the next text box.

Interview Feedback Factors:
Select the feedback factors for the interviewer from the list. Interviewers can provide feedback marks based on these factors after the interview.
Set Items Ratings: This is automatically calculated based on the selected feedback factors.

Once you have filled out all the necessary details, submit the form to create the new job opening.