Timelabs Mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users and thus it is available on both Playstore and Appstore platforms. To activate Mobile App please follow below steps:

Step1. Go To Play Store or App Store and download 'Timelabs Employee Self Service' app in your mobile.

Step2. Open the Timelabs App, enter your Access Code and submit the same. Access Code is 8-9 characters of unique access code generated by Timelabs with your license. For example ABCD1234


Step3: On next screen Select your company, enter your Employee Code & Mobile Number and Submit.


Step4: Captcha to be entered here on next screen:

Step5: Enter your Employee Code and ESS password here and click on login. 

If password is not configured, employee can login with his/her default login password. The default login password for an Employees is EmpCode+DOB (in DDMMYYYY format). For example if EmpCode is 1001 and DOB is 20/08/2000 then Default login password would be 100120082000.

Step6: After Login app will ask for some permissions on your mobile device. Please allow the same to continue. You will see your Mobile app dashboard after successful login: