Rating Scale is a standardized tool used to evaluate and measure an employee's performance against predefined criteria. The rating scale helps managers and HR professionals assess various aspects of an employee's work, such as their skills, competencies, achievements, and overall contributions to the organization.

To configure a basic five-level rating system in Timelabs PMS, follow these steps:
(Level 5 - Very Good, Level 4 - Good, Level 3 - Meets Expectations, Level 2 - Needs Improvement, Level 1 - Poor) 

Step 1 - Navigate to Setup -> Rating Scale -> Add Rating Scale.

Step 2 - Please enter the below details on next page.

1) Code - Short name/Code of the rating scale.
2) Name - Name of the Rating scale.
3) No of Scales - Number of levels.
4) Description - Description of the Rating scale.
5) Rating Order - It defines the order of the score. It can be in increasing or decreasing order.
6) Include in Result - If enabled, you need to specify the min-max rates while defining the rating levels which will be used while calculating the final result.
7) Active - Check the checkbox if you want this rating scale to be used while creating the templates.

Once all the mandatory details are filled in, click on "Save".

The rating scale will now be available in PMS system while creating a PMS template for evaluating employee performance.