To create Competencies in Timelabs PMS, user needs to follow below steps:

!! Add Competency !!

Step 1: Open PMS and navigate to Setup -> Competency.

Step 2: Now user needs to create a Competency Group first, then Group category and at last Item needs to be created.

Click on Add Group icon shown on top right side.

Step 3: Here enter Group Code, Name, Description and put a check mark on 'Active'. At last Save the details.

Step 4: Once Group is saved it is listed as below. Now user needs to define or add categories in that group.

!! Add Category !!

Step 5: To add categories in a group, click on 'Add Category' icon shows under Action menu for each group.

Step 6: Provide Category Code, Name and Description (Optional) in next section. Put a check mark on Active and Save the Category details.

Step 7: Once all categories are added under a group, they are listed as below.

!! Add Items !!

Step 8: Now click on 'Add Item' icon for each category:

Step 9: Here provide Item code, Name, Description and make it active. Select Positive indicator where higher rating shows a good impact in PMS score. With negative indicator, lower rating shows a good PMS score. So put check mark on 'Positive' indicator according to requirement.

Step 10: After saving Items under a category, they are listed as below:

After Adding all GCI components (Group, Category, Item), user can use them in his PMS templates.