If Reimbursement is allotted in Payroll, employee can apply for a reimbursement claim from his ESS portal. Employee needs to click on Self Service Menu - Payroll Details - Reimbursement. 

On next page you need to add all the bills one by one.

Just click on 'Add New Bill' button and provide below details:

Here Bill Name, Bill Reference, Bill Date and Bill Amount are mandatory to fill. If bill proof is made mandatory then employee needs to upload the bill proof as well. Once all required information are filled, click on submit button.

Once bill is successfully added it will show you in bill list.

Now, to Submit a claim, click on 'Submit Claim' button which will take you below page:

Here select the bills you uploaded and create a claim. At last click on Submit Claim button shown under the page.

Once you payroll manager approves your claim, it will show you under 'Submitted Claims' section.