At the beginning of the financial year in April, employees must submit a provisional declaration of all the investments or expenses that they make in the entire financial year in order to get exemption in TDS computation.

Step 1 - ESS - Self Service - IT Declaration – Provisional Declaration.

Step 2 - Click on "Set Default Chapter-VIA Sections" button to select the sections for Chapter-VIA. 

 Select the sections in which you are going to invest during the year and save the form. 

Now select Provisional Declarations and enter the amount you are going to invest during the current financial year.

Once done, Save the the form. Now in TDS computation you will get exemption as per the investment you declared.

Now before end of the financial year employee must submit his/her actual investments. To do so go to ESS – Self Service – IT Declarations. Now add all investments with the amount and mandatory proofs first.

Once all investment declaration and income details are added, Submit the same to your Payroll Manager by clicking on 'Submit Draft' button shown at top of the page.