You can put the employees in X-Employee list. The Employees who are not the current employees in the organization can be put in X-Employee list. To add a X-employee, go to Employee Menu –> X-Employee:

Mark a single employee Inactive:

To mark a single employee inactive click on 'Set X-Employee' button above. You will be presented a window like this: 

Select an employee name from the list and specify the last date of working & reason of leaving and then save the details above. Also put a remark and Save the details.


Mark Inactive in Bulk:

To mark inactive or x-employees in bulk click on 'Set X-Employee in Bulk' button from Employee Menu -> X-Employee. You will be presented a window like this:

Here select the employees that you want to mark inactive and then fill-up other details. At last click on 'Set X-Employee' button. All selected employee will be marked inactive then.