Once a month is completed HR needs to lock/finalize employee's Timesheet for that month.

After doing all the corrections or updation in Timesheet, HR can proceed to Finalize Employee's Timesheet. Finalize Timesheet will lock employee’s Timesheet and no other changes can be done in his TS after locking the same.

1) To lock Timesheet follow below steps:

Go to Timesheet Menu - Finalize Timesheet:

Select the month, Choose "Pending" in TS status and Search. If you just want to lock Timesheets for a specific branch, department, etc., you can select that option in the filters. Select the employee and click on Finalize selected if the net Payable days are correct.

If you want to change the net payable day, you can also change it by clicking on the Update and Finalize button. 

You can also edit the present, weekly off, and Holidays here. 

Finalization Timesheet can be done in bulk as well by exporting the excel file.

After finalizing it, an employee's Timesheet will show in locked mode, and no any further changes are allowed there.

2) To unlock/unfinalize Timesheet follow below steps:

You can unfinalize a Timesheet by selecting the month and TS Status as "Finalized". Unfinalizing Timesheet will unlock that month and then you can made necesorry changes in employee's TS.

Open Timesheet Menu - Finalize Timesheet page. Select the employee you wish to unfinalize and click on Unfinalize button. After doing this, the employee will again be seen in the pending status and Timesheet will show unlocked.