Question : How do I add HR User group and map a user to that group?

Answer : Please follow below steps:

Step 1 - Login with System User in Timelabs first and go to Attendance Portal. 

Step 2 - Under Attendance settings, You'll need to click on 'Manage User group'.

Step 3 - This will take you to Manage User page. Click Add New button on next page.  

Step 4 - Now here you need to provide a group's name and code and set the permissions under each modules. The users in that HR group will only be able to see the rights that have been granted.

Step 5 - To map an Employee in a HR User group click on 'Manage User' under Setting menu:

Step 6 - This will take you to Manage user page as shown below
. There you need to click on 'Add New' button.

Step 7 - Now new form will be opened where you need to provide user details:

You can assign a particular company and branch for each user. Only selected branches and Attendance Machines will be shown to user when they login in Timelabs. User will have a limited access in Timelabs as specified in his/her User Group.

At last save the details and ask user to login with the credentials.