Step 1 : Before adding an Employee Document, HR have to create Employee Document Category from Setup Menu -> Document Group.

From above page when HR clicks on Add New button it will open a pop-up box. There enter Document Group Code and Name and turn on desired option:

1. Auto Assign: Enable this only if you wish to create a document template and want to auto assign that template to all your employees.
2. Req Emp Acceptance: If a document template is assigned to an employee, Employee has to accept that document.
3. Mandatory Submission: If enabled, system will ask employee to accept and submit assigned template. If he cancels, He will be logged out from ESS.
4. Show on Emp Login: A pop up to accept document template will appear on ESS login.

(Note: All above turn-on features are optional. It can be skipped too)

Once all required details are filled up, Submit and Save the document category.

Step 2 : Now go to Documents Menu -> Employee Document and click on 'Add Document' button shown at top right side.

Step 3 : On next page, a pop-up screen appears on the right side. HR needs to fill up below required details there: -

Employee Details : Select the employee from the drop-down list. Also, from filter HR can select the employee.

Document Details : 

a) Mode:- Select if the document is 'Issued by HR' or 'Submitted by Employee' from the drop-down list here.

b) Document Group:- Select a Document group created in Step 1. 

c) Status:- Select the status from the drop drown list.

d) Issued date:- Enter document issue date here.

Upload Documents: Enter document name, description and attach soft copy of your document. If you wish to upload multiple documents, just click on + icon. At last, click on Submit button.

Once document is uploaded, it will start reflecting on Employee's ESS portal as well.