Question: Can HR send employees Payslip on their email IDs?

Answer : Yes, HR can send employees payslip on their email IDs. Please make sure employees email ID must be updated in the database to send payslip. If email ID is not updated, payslip won't be shared with them.

To send payslip on email, please go to Process Menu - Payslip. Here you will see 'Mail Payslip' button:

Select the employee there and click on 'Mail Payslip' button as shown above. On next page, system will show you all the records with valid email IDs and without email IDs.

Put a check mark on 'Protect payslip with password' and select appropriate option i.e. Send Email on Personal Email or Send Email on Official Email IDs, and at last click on Send Mail button.

Please note:

1. SMTP setting must be configured to send any email alert. If SMTP is not configured, please speak to our Support Executive and get it configured on your portal. 

2. Payslip must be shared in an encrypted format. So always put a check mark on 'Protect payslip with password'. Password details will be shared in the email with the particular employee only.